What Symptoms Are You Experiencing?

General Wellness

Weight Loss

Mild Sickness



Weight Gain

Andropause Symptoms

Low Libido, impotence, loss of muscle, low energy, Depression, Mood changes

Menopause Symptoms

Hot flashes, Night Sweat, Low Libido, impotence, loss of muscle, low energy, Depression, Mood changes

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Redefine Your Health

How well do you know how your health is doing? At AI Health Centers, we focus on client education through in-depth Provider consultations to evaluate how your health is doing and provide a personalized client care plan on how you can optimize your health to enhance your daily performance

Diagnostic Blood Testing

Comprehensive blood tests

Mild Adrenal Fatigue

fatigue upon waking and “crashes” in the day, poor stress response and mood regulation, cognitive issues or “brain fog” increased energy levels in the evenings, cravings for salty and sweet foods, overuse of caffeine and other stimulants.

General Wellness

Learn about your health

Men’s Sexual Health

Decreased libido (low sex drive or erectile dysfunction). Mood swings. Depression. Irritability. Memory loss. Muscle Loss. Weight Gain. Gynecomastia. Insomnia.

Mild Sickness

Common colds & flu, conjunctivitis

Women’s Sexual Health

Irregular periods. Vaginal dryness. Low libido/sex drive. Hot flashes. Chills. Night sweats. Sleep problems. Mood changes. Weight gain and slowed metabolism.

Thyroid Managment

Do you experience a slower metabolism?

Redefine your health

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Rejuvenate Your Health

Do you feel like you could use an extra boost, but you can’t pinpoint what you need? Well, AI Health Centers can help you by discovering the underlying issue(s) and creating an individualized health plan to treat/correct the cause of the problem. At AI Health Centers, we believe in fixing the issues, not managing the symptoms. Your mind still feels youthful and there’s no reason your body cannot feel the same. We concentrate on how you feel, and we want that to be the best version of you. Through detox, weight loss, and nutrient supplementation & replacement our hope for our clients is to find a sense of revitalization, regeneration, restoration and overall hope for their future.

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Find out more about Rejuvenate your health services

Medically assisted weight loss

Weight loss with Semaglutide

7-Day Detox

Reset your body & prep your body for lifestyle changes and/ or therapies

IV Therapy

Vitamin injectables

B-12 & Peptide therapy, indulge in your own well being

Mobile IV Therapy

Natural Weight Loss

Many programs for you to choose from

Post-game Parties

Providing you with all of the tools you need to recover after celebratory events